Price Groups

Price Group Types

Once a charge point has been added to Monta, the next step is to create the price for charging. There are different types of price groups Monta:

  1. Public price, can be per kWh, minute or Spot price. This is the price visible for Monta user in the Monta Map.
  2. Member price, can be per kWh, minute or Spot price. This is the price assigned to the specific Team member and is visible only for that person.
  3. Sponsored price, is company to sponsor its employee to charge at home.
  4. Roaming price is the price that is going to be applied, if a charge is started through a different platform (Roaming). This price group is available for charge points with Roaming enabled.
  5. Cost group is a tracking price group, where you can set up electricity price, so you can track your profit margin from paid charges on your charge points.

Here you can learn about how the Price Groups work in the Portal

You can have as many price groups as needed. As well as you can allocate different prices to Team members and to the charge points!
Price groups are always per sites/Teams, thus every new Team will need to have price groups created and allocated to charge points and members.


Once a public price group is set up as the default, it will be applied to each new public charge point you add to the team


If a member price group is set up as default, it means that every time you add new members this price group will be suggested. Every time a member requests to join the team using the join code they will get assigned the default price group.

You can use public and private prices at the same time, share charge points publicly and have Team members pricing. This means that Team members will have their own price even if charge points are public!


Sponsored price groups are most commonly used by companies to reimburse employee home charging. As soon as an employee completes the charge on the private charge point, the reimbursement amount is transferred from the company's Team Wallet to the employee's Personal Wallet.


Roaming is the industry terminology for sharing charge points with other networks. Monta is sharing charge points on networks like Hubject and Gireve but also does direct sharing agreements with companies like Plugsurfing. When a user makes a charge on a Monta charge point through another app, this is called a roaming charge.

Please note that Roaming is only available for Enterprise and Business plan and that a 10% roaming transaction fee is applied for all roaming charges.

Cost Group

This price group approximately tracks the electricity expense of the charge point. Please note that this cost group will not create an actual transaction the Monta Wallet. This is not an expense, but only a tracking tool. You can compare the revenue generated by paid charges and the cost group to calculate your profit margin.