Building Blocks


By setting the VAT field to “Yes”, the spot price will be multiplied with the VAT percentage of the country the charge
point is located in. If the VAT % is 25 the spot price will be price = SPOT * ((VAT/ 100) +1)


Percentage is a field Monta will multiply the spot (inc VAT if picked)
price = price * (PERCENTAGE / 100)


Min is used to make sure the price always have minimum a certain value
price = (price < MIN) ? MIN : price

Max is used to make sure the price always have maximum a certain value
price = (price > MAX) ? MAX : price


Additionals is an array of entries of type:

  • Type absolute is plussed, called ADDITIONAL_ABSOLUTE
  • Type percentage is multiplied ((value / 100) + 1), called ADDITIONAL_PERCENTAGE

Flexible fees

Flexible fees is a feature that allows you to add additional payments for the end users. For example a fixed fee starting, Fixed fee charging, Minute fee charging and Idle fee fully charged.
In this guide we explain all different types of fees and give an example case for when you can use it. All flexible fees are applied on top of the kWh price.

  1. Fixed fee starting
    A fee which will be applied every time when starting the charge with this price group applied. It can be applied for both public and member pricing.
  1. Fixed fee charging
    A fee which will be applied after some hours of charging with the price group applied. For example, if the end user is charging for longer than the specified time, the fixed fee will be applied
  1. Minute fee charging
    Minute fee charging will be applied after set hours of charging with this price group. If the user is charging for longer than the specified time, idle fee will be applied.
  1. Idle fee fully charged
    Idle fee fully charged is a fee to be applied after the charge is finished but the car remains connected to the charge point. Meaning once the EV is finished charging but the end user did not pick up the car within the specified time when fully charged, the fee will be applied. This fee will be counting for every minute if the car stays plugged.